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Nick Ivanovich of Circle N has dedicated over 25 years of his life to horses and their training.

Horse Trainers in Missouri - Nick Ivanovich

Nick Ivanovich working with horse and rider

You own a horse that is a great prospect and you want an experienced, versatile trainer to bring out his best.You want all of that potential to be realized. Or you have a young or problem horse, maybe a difficult horse or one that’s under-performing, one that’s certainly no fun. You want a horse that is a joy to own and a pleasure to ride..

Nick’s versatility is his uniqueness. Nick is experienced and successful in and out of the show arena for many disciplines including jumping, Western pleasure, dressage and cattle work, to name just a few. This uniqueness allows him to tap into each individual horse’s talents and bring out the best in them through his always sympathetic training.

Perhaps you’re worried that your horse may not be well treated or cared for while he’s away at training? Nick’s training program is tailored to each individual horse’s needs and he only ever uses patience, kindness and consistency to get results, just go ahead and read all his testimonials! Add to that, the neatness and cleanliness of Circle N and you and your horse have the dream training combination in Nick and Circle N Horse Training. Nick is certainly one of the best horse trainers in Missouri.

Horse Trainers in Missouri - Nick Ivanovich

Circle N Ranch Stables

Here are Nick’s services:

  • Horse Training
  • Boarding with Daily Turnout
  • English and Western Riding Lessons
  • Riding Lessons on Your Own Horse
  • Showing
  • Sales
  • Clinics
  • Cattle Work

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