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by Craig Bidner on Nick Ivanovich
Clydesdale Mare Broke to Ride

Nick was referred to me by an associate and after meeting him and his assistant Lindsey I thought he would be an excellent fit to train our young Clydesdale mare to ride. My instincts proved to be accurate and Nick did a great job by taking our three year old mare Piper Grace and breaking her to ride. He is gentle, consistent, kind, patient, and thorough during the process and never pushes the horse or the rider further than he/she is ready to go. In addition, he helped get our older Clydesdale mare to improved health in the process. I would highly recommend Nick for boarding and/or training and he certainly takes great pride in helping horses and their owners.Sincerely, Craig Bidner, Wild Horse Creek Farms

by Barbara Vancil on Nick Ivanovich
Amazing Trainer

I have a pretty QH palomino mare, but unfortunately we had a bad wreck almost two years ago. The wreck was not her fault, but I was very nervous getting back on and riding her. With the help of a friend, I was able to get back on and ride her again. I was still extremely nervous. I wanted to start showing and gain my confidence back. I saw Nick's reviews and his website and decided to take her to him. What he did with her and me was totally amazing. He is extremely patient and calm. My nervousness is going away and I feel like I am in control when I ride her. She has been doing fantastic at the fun shows and is so much fun to ride.

I am continuing to take lessons from Nick and I am hoping to bring her back for some more training this spring. I know he can take her a step further. I am looking forward to see what he and this mare can do!

by Brenda Platt on Nick Ivanovich
Nick is the best trainer for any horse

Nick has trained 2 horses for me now & I can't say enough how well he did. The first one was a real challege for him but she came home absolutley perfect to ride. The 2nd one he made into one of the best riding horses I have ever owned. I have never met a more talented & gentle trainer. He will produce you a guarenteed great horse in my opinion. Brenda Platt Union, Missouri

by Carolyn Pouyer on Nick Ivanovich
Ali Marina Jade

First of all let me state that I too chose a career with animals. I worked with dogs for 35 years. So I have a frame of reference that the average animal owner does not have because of the type work I did.

Nick came highly recommended by both the Arabian breeder I purchased my mare from as well as my veterinarian and several of his staff. However as particular as I am with my animals I went to check his facility out for myself in a "surprise visit".

His facility is not only clean but the layout is very safe. In fact I copied some of his set up on my own farm because I liked the safety features of his layout so much. I was impressed with the quality of feed he uses and how healthy/ fit and calm all of the horses looked.

A lot of trainers understand animal behavior and how a horse should willingly perform for his rider, the trick is how are they going to achieve these goals??? That's the million dollar question!

I wanted a "trained horse", not a horse with a "broken spirit". I wouldn't have bought an Arabian if I did not like and appreciate their animation. I own several horses including a Mo. Fox Trotter and a Mule both types of equine known for their laid back temperament. However I can honestly say my Arabian trained by Nick is the most laid back. She is tuned into me and looks to me to make decisions based on whatever is thrown our way in an unpredictable environment. She is a solid, calm, good working horse who was "trained". She knows what you want her to do, she is not guessing. You can canter her through a field and then calmly return her to a walk with no struggling.

Unfortunately I experienced some severe health problems in the past few years and am now permanently disabled. None of my horses had been ridden for 3 years and they are all on the younger side 5-10. I recently had Nick come out to my farm to work with them and see where they were at as I hope with assistance to be able to ride again. The horse Nick trained immediately was working as if she hadn't taken off the last 3 years. By the end of the 30 minute session she was starting to have that polished look to her again.

His horses stay trained! That is invaluable! And he treats them with kindness and respect while getting them there.

It doesn't matter how well your trainer can ride your horse what matters is how well you can ride your horse. Are you going to be able to ask for and receive what you want and feel safe, confident and pleased with the results. One of the greatest types of compliments I would receive from owners of dogs I worked with is" I am living happily with my pet now". He knows what I need him to do and it isn't a struggle! I ask for what I want and he does it willingly, it is such a relief that we are all able to live happily and harmoniously together. That is what I expected. A safe, responsive whole horse. I have no desire to live with a reactive, unpredictable or broken spirited horse. I got what I was looking for with Nick a solid citizen who is a joy to be with.

Nick is a very calm, quiet person. And as a animal trainer myself it is a joy to watch him work. To see him "problem solve" as each animal is unique. He makes it look so easy even though I know it isn't easy. He "rides right through the problem" never getting his horses anxious or stressed which only makes an animal resist you.

He is very well versed in many different disciplines. Personally he is a stand up guy, he will tell you like it is and in this day and age it is hard to find a honest person with that kind of integrity.

I live to be able to trail ride again with my girl. I am so impressed with how solid her training stayed with her I have given Nick the other horses to work with and have gotten the same great results.

I would hesitate greatly to place my animals under most peoples care but with Nick I have no worries. He has always returned a happy. healthy whole minded animal.

Carolyn Pouyer

by Lynda on Nick Ivanovich
Nick did an amazing job!

Templeton, my QH is a rescue case and was 6 when I finally got around to starting him. By then, he was strong and feisty, had the world's shortest attention span and something of an attitude - and I knew I wasn't going to be the first one to ride him! So, I went looking for a trainer. But, I wanted someone who wasn't going to fight with him as I felt that would do more harm than good.
So, I asked around about various trainers. There was only one for whom all the reports were glowing, and that was Nick.
So, Templeton went to Nick's.
I live close to Nick's, so I called every now and then to see Templeton. But, he looked so content, that I didn't really feel the need to check on him all the time.
When he came back, I was just so thrilled! He was calm and soft and willing. He has excellent manners now too. I have ridden him at home since and he remains calm and unflappable, something I never thought I would have with Templeton.
I would100% recommend Nick to anyone, I can't say enough good things about mine and Templeton's experience.

by Sharon Gilfillan on Nick Ivanovich
Nick will always be our trainer!

When my husband and I bought our first Arabian Horse I was self-employed, lived in town and needed a horse trainer and a boarding facility for our horse. I didnt know many horse people but inquired around for a good professional trainer and every person I ask referred me to Nick Ivanovich! I contacted Nick, and he picked up my horse. That was approximarely eight years, and six horses ago!!
Nick has handled, trained and provided outstanding care for all our horses! If there was ever a medical issue with one of them, Nick always caught it before it was apparent to anyone else. It is like having a Vet on call 24/7.
We were so lucky to have found Nick, anyone that owns horses has a big investment both emotionally and financially, and with Nick boarding and training our horses, we never worry about them.
Nick has not only trained our horses, he has taught us about horses! Three of our Arabian horses are Stallions, and I can now handle them with with much more confidence, thanks to Nick! People that come to see our Stallions cannot believe how gentle and calm they are, especially if they see me handling them, as I am XXXX years old.
Nick has made our experience with our horses a wonderful one for the past eight years and hopefully for many years to come!!
As long as we are involved with horses, Nick will always be our trainer!

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